Community Guidelines

Welcome to the The REITE Club Community Rules & Regulations

We value everyone in our community and to make it a fun and educational experience for all, we expect everyone to follow the rules.

So that there are NO misunderstandings, we’re spelling them out in excruciating detail! And if you don’t understand something, or think you may be in violation or either the spirit or the letter of our rules, contact us at We will get back to you as soon as possible.

By using our site, you also agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these rules and regulations. The REITE Club is a community, and we rely on you to keep this community friendly and enjoyable by following these rules.

If you feel that someone has violated these rules and would like to bring it to our attention, you may contact us at We at the The REITE Club will do our best to deal with all issues regarding the misuse of our community services, although we do not promise to do so. The REITE Club also reserves the right to take any action or no action at all in response to such reports.

We welcome everyone to our online community; however, The REITE Club reserves the right to terminate the membership of anyone who violates the community rules and regulations. This termination shall occur at our discretion.

Community Rules

Profile Name and Image (Avatar)

The name you enter for your first and last name MUST be your actual name -- fake names are not allowed. You may not use website URLs or email addresses as your profile name, and profile names may not contain references to drugs, sex, religion, politics or any other inappropriate material.

You may not use your image or avatar for promotional purposes. This means no ads and no company logos. You must also use an image of yourself and not anyone else. You may also not use an image that you are not authorized to use under copyright law.

You May NOT Add Signatures to Your Posts

Signatures, unless authorized by The REITE Club in writing, are not allowed in any posts or messages that you create for our online community. All the pertinent information you need is set up in your profile.

No Pornographic or Sexual Material

Sexually explicit discussions are not acceptable to our community. Sexually explicit content and links to such content are strictly prohibited.

No Profanity

The use of profanity is strictly prohibited, whether in titles, forums, blog posts, or anywhere else on The REITE Club.

Posting Email Addresses, Websites and Phone Numbers in Any Communication, Chats, or Threads

You may not post any contact information (such as a URL, phone number, email address, etc.) UNLESS you have purchased a Service Directory Listing.

The REITE Club reserves the right to remove any email address, website or phone number or contact information that has been placed in any message post as a means of contact unless you are authorized to do so by The REITE Club.

No Personal Discussions or Goodbye Posts

Personal discussions or "for the attention of" posts are prohibited. If you wish to have a personal discussion with someone, do it via the chat function and no-where else. In addition, please refrain from "Goodbye Forum" posts in forum threads.

No Impersonations

You must be the person to post in your account. Do not impersonate or attempt to impersonate other members, moderators, or staff. Never post information that is not your own. The creation or use of fake user accounts is strictly prohibited.

You Must Disclose Your Relationship with any Company, Website, Guru, or Other Entity that You Comment About

If you participate in a discussion about a company, website, guru, coaching program, etc., and have any kind of relationship with that entity (e.g. affiliate, partnership, employee, owner), you must disclose this relationship in your post. The REITE Club reserves the right to publicly or privately ask about your relationship with any company that you comment on, to remove any post which does not disclose such a relationship, and to close your account if you fail to disclose such a relationship.

One Account Per Member

Members of the The REITE Club’s online community (website) are limited to one account per person. You may not register or use alternate accounts. The REITE Club reserves the right to close any alternate account.

No Abusive Behavior

You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not post or otherwise transmit (including through any private messaging system provided by The REITE Club) any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, abusive, hateful, harassing, obscene, sexually explicit, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law. ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR INCLUDES POSTING IN ALL CAPS! It is flat out rude and will not be tolerated.

Do Not Flame or Troll

Do you like to be flamed, or baited, or trolled? Then don’t do it. Immediately report any incident to us. Again, at the risk of repeating ourselves ad nauseum, The REITE Club will terminate the membership of anyone, solely at our discretion, who we believe is flaming, baiting or trolling.

Respect Everyone Including Staff and Moderators

Treat all community members with respect regardless of their position as a staff member, moderator, member, advertiser, or any other position. If you feel that someone is not treating any community member with respect, contact us immediately to report the issue at

If a moderator or any staff member tells you to stop an activity, you must stop. If you disagree with any action taken by a staff member, please contact us privately at

No Email Harvesting

Harvesting email addresses from our site is strictly prohibited. Do not harvest email addresses from REITE Club members.

SPAM Is Not Allowed Anywhere

Do not spam other members. You know what spam is and it will not be tolerated. Anyone who spams another member may have their membership terminated. Please note that the decision to terminate membership based on what The REITE Club perceives as spam is strictly at the discretion of The REITE Club.

We’ll spell it out just in case you are confused about spam. If you start a thread or post that contributes nothing to any discussion or thread, that’s spam. For example, unauthorized advertisements, empty posts, posts that have no relation to the current discussion or thread, unauthorized promotion of your website, product or services, repeating the same message in more than one discussion or thread, and stuffing your post with keywords, among other things.

Diverting Members to Other Websites Is Strictly Forbidden

Diverting our members to other forums or websites is strictly forbidden unless authorized by The REITE Club.

Polling Members Is Strictly Forbidden

You may not poll members to gather information to be used on a competing website, course, podcast, book, blog post or video.

No Affiliate Marketing

No form of affiliate marketing is allowed on The REITE Club unless it is specifically authorized in writing by The REITE Club. That means no posting affiliate links in messages, in your signature, in blog posts, or on your profile. Hiding affiliate links through services that provide short URLs is also forbidden.

Posting Images in Threads

Screenshots, photographs, and other images that you want to embed in your post must be no larger than 1Mb. Larger images may be deleted, resized, or changed to a link.

Stay On Topic

Posts in a particular forum need to stay on topic. If you want to talk about something that is not related to the topic of a discussion or thread, please create a new discussion or thread.

No Religious or Political Postings

Religious statements, discussions and threads on the topic of religion are not permitted on The REITE Club community website. Please do not use a religious quote in your signature, or anywhere else on the site. The REITE Club reserves the right to remove any post or thread that may contain religious statements solely at the discretion of The REITE Club. In addition, email addresses that are religious in nature are also not permitted. The REITE Club in its sole discretion shall decide what constitutes a religious email address, thread, discussion, chat, or any other type of communication.

Political discussions and threads not permitted on The REITE Club. Any post regarding politics shall be removed. The REITE Club reserves the right to edit or delete any post or thread that may contain political commentary solely at the discretion of The REITE Club.

Do Not Remove a Post to Kill a Thread

If you are not happy with a post you made, you may remove it only before others have responded. Do not remove a post once others have responded to it.

Advertising and Promotions Are Available for Members Who Buy a Service Directory Listing.

To place a listing in our Service Directory, please purchase a Service Directory Listing.